Pure Innovative Natural Quality

At last a pure mineral makeup….that really is PURE & NATURAL!

Many companies, including huge multi-national cosmetic companies, are jumping on the ‘mineral make up’ band wagon to maximize profits as more people are discovering the amazing benefits of mineral makeup.

But that it where the similarity ends!

Many of these ‘mineral makeup’ products are only that….but not pure…and certainly not natural!! In fact, many contain several chemical ingredients which studies have shown to be harmful to skin and general health.

pinQ® Natural Mineral Makeup

The creators of pinQ® Natural Mineral Makeup have sold mineral makeup since 1998 and were looking to create a pure mineral make up range that really stands out from the rest.

pinQ® Natural Mineral Makeup does just that!

Safe & Natural
pinQ® are committed to using only the safest and purest ingredients! Created from pure crushed minerals, pinQ® Natural Loose Minerals require NO preservatives as their inert state will not support the growth of bacteria, mould or any other organic volatile impurities.

Highly Concentrated & Amazingly Versatile

A little goes a long way…Just a small amount of loose mineral powder will provide amazing coverage. Quality ingredients ensure you can use mineral powders on your eye and lips safely and effectively.
Foundation can be used as concealer or primer for eyes and lips!
Luminous minerals can be applied to eyes and lips for a perfect match!
Blusher or bronzer can double as eye colour….Get creative and find your perfect look!

Say No to Nano
pinQ® Natural Mineral Makeup does NOT CONTAIN NANO particles, tiny particles under 0.1 micron in size. These micronised minerals, found in many other mineral cosmetics, can more easily penetrate natural skin barriers and potentially infiltrate the circulatory system. These ultrafine particles, when inhaled, can become embedded in the lungs and can pose a health risk, especially for those with allergies and asthma.
Studies are currently underway to determine the risks.

Bye Bye to Bismuth
Our commitment to pure high quality ingredients ensures we DO NOT include BISMUTH Oxychloride. Known to cause itching, rashes and other skin problems, Bismuth is a by product of lead and copper processing and is also frequently used to fill or bind products. Many companies use this ingredient not only to bulk up products but also for its shine, without regard for those with rosacea or sensitive skin….or perhaps because of it. If your skin is constantly red and irritated you will need makeup to cover it up…right?

No Nano Particles
NO Bismuth Oxychloride
No Synthetic Colours
No Preservatives
No Parabens
No Fillers
No Binders
No Talc

Just Pure Innovative Natural Quality

• Lightweight and silky texture allows your skin to breathe.
• Purest minerals to calm and sooth the skin
• Achieve a truly natural glow!…..Create the perfect you!